Friday, March 13, 2009

Disney Trip March 2009

Mimi and BB took us to Disney World last week during Spring Break. We spent 6 nights at a Disney Resort. Everyday we rode the bus over to one of 4 different parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. We rode awesome rides. Ellen was tall enough for them all and was so thrilled about every one! She was never even scared. Arianna would have done them all but she was about 1/2 inch too short for 2 of the big ones. She was very disappointed about that. We watched amazing live shows of Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Indiana Jones. Then there were also other live shows with the characters and parades every day. At night we watched the fireworks and lazer light shows. One night we didn't get home from the park until 1am! When we wanted to take a break from the heat during the day, we went back to the hotel for a swim. Another highlight for the girls was the candy and treats. We let them have more sugar this week than they've probably had in their whole lives:) We were at Disney World...might as well go all out! It was a very busy week. So much fun and so much more I could write about. I'll let the pictures tell some more of the story.

If the slide show is moving too fast just hit pause and click through each picture using the arrows.


Laura said...

what a blast!!! that looks like so much fun, and loved looking through all the pics. your girls are totally at the perfect age to really get into that and i'm so glad you got to really go on a fun family vacation. :)

Jennifer said...

aawesome pics! YAY for you!! I can't wait to hear your story. be sure and write a trip report for each day if you can you will treasure it forever. You will enjoy reading about it. I wanna see more pics!!

Scott said...


Anna Morrison said...

Wow! Looks like you all had a fabulous time!! Fun to see your girls there soaking it all in. I am ready for those 85 temps. Love you and look forward to hearing more soon.

Oh! Tofutti sundaes? That's unbelievable. :)