Sunday, March 01, 2009

A family visit

We drove to Charlotte to spend the day with some of the Kruidenier family. Daniel's sister, Liz, was in town from Chicago so we met up at grandaddy William's house. Aunt Anna came over too. We sat inside and watched the wintery weather through the window. William made us some smoothies and a great veggie and tofu stir fry.

They made the smoothie together.

Just the girls--Arianna, Anna, Liz, Ellen.
Liz brought a special treat for the girls--Lindt dark chocolate bunnies and bunny ears. They were delicious. The girls spent most of the afternoon eating those little guys. They were covered in chocolate. And, yes, Arianna is now complaining about a tummy ache!

Covered in Chocolate.
The girls also got their first taste of playing games on the iphone. Liz showed them the racing game and they played it until the iphone battery ran out.
Anna and Ellen had fun taking silly pictures of themselves.

All of us.

We always have a lot of fun together. It was great to see Liz and hang out with the rest of the family. We'll miss you Liz!


Laura said...

so fun to see family pics! and thanks so much for the pinata details. that is definitely going to be a project we undertake shortly. thanks for taking the time to share it. :)

William Kruidenier said...

You and Liz took great pix! Fun day -- thanks for making the trip!

Anna Morrison said...

sweet pics. glad you had fun. dark choc bunnies?! mmm . . .