Monday, March 30, 2009


We are trying to wait a few more weeks before planting our summer veggies. It's hard to hold out for the frost date (April 15) when we have all these wonderfully warm days. We planted lots of flowers this weekend. Some Daniel started from seed and planted around the vegetable garden. They are small now but soon the zinias, marigolds, and daisies will add beauty and attract beneficial bugs to our veggies. I bought some 6 packs of dianthus flowers from Lowe's and we planted them in the front yard.

Ellen had the idea of putting up a scarecrow in the garden. They all worked together and this is our newest addition to the backyard! Look closely and you can see the face Ellen just finished working on.

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Anna Morrison said...

Your garden looks great already. Those veggies look delicious. I think Ellen had a great idea. Way to follow through with her plan. Great parenting.

Post some pics of those flowers soon.