Sunday, March 22, 2009

A day with dad and flower identification

Daniel took the girls out for an all day bike ride and hike on the riverfront trail in downtown Columbia. This is a 4 mile path that runs between the river and the canal. It is a great place to spot animals in the water and in the woods. They saw a muskrat climbing on a tree then fall into the water. They also saw lots of water birds and frogs.

We are trying to identify this flower that is in our yard. It is blooming right now as one of the first flowers of the season. Each white flower is smaller than a dime and looks like a rose. I've included a close up picture and one that was taken some feet away. If you have any idea what this is please post a comment. We would love to know!


Laura said...

what a cool trail! don't you love it when the kids get good daddy time? looks like they had a blast. love you guys. L

Anna Morrison said...

Wow. That is super sweet. Photos are great.

William Kruidenier said...

I wish Grandmother Katie were alive -- I bet she'd know what the white flowering plant is. Wish I had absorbed more of her knowledge of things that grow in yards.

Jason said...

Genus is spirea, and species either prunifolia or thunbergii.
Hard to tell from pictures, but looks like prunifolia.

Confirm here if you like,

looks like you could prune it up really nicely.

Or here:

or... i bet now that you have a name, you have books in which you can look it up. Its exotic, prob planted by previous home owner, and thus might not be in guides.

My confession... I looked in some guides, to no avail, and then had to consult botanists here.

William Kruidenier said...

I keep coming back to that lovely pic of the girls and the river -- the first one at the top of the post. It's framed so nicely giving a wide view of the river -- let's us see what the girls were looking at so intently while still capturing them. Very nice.