Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring

Today is the first day of Spring and it has been a gorgeous day. I've been taking pictures throughout the week of some things we are doing in the yard. We have lots of winter stuff coming up in the 3 long rows that we have started. Most of them are transplants that we started from seed in January. We did have to replace a few of our plants with store bought ones. We had a hard freeze for several days after we planted and we lost a few. We were not discouraged and took it as a learning experience. Note: It is a good idea to check the weather and not plant during a week of hard freezes next year!

Here's another picture of the garden from the other side. Our potatoes are starting to sprout (hills on the bottom left of picture). We got these seed potatoes from a neighbor who said he grew up on a farm and that we needed to plant them in February to get the best results. They were just potatoes that sprouted in his cabinet. They are all coming up. We had already bought about 10 lbs of organic seed potatoes. We'll have to find another place for them somewhere else in the yard. Onions (started in Feb.) are in middle bed and garlic (started in Nov.) all the way to right of picture.

Daniel has gotten the water barrels hooked together and hoses attached so that water flows easily from 2 barrels down into the garden. Remember these are the barrels we got for free from the local Pepsi plant. Daniel found hardware and attached old hoses to develop this great water system. Sure will make watering easier this year. Last year we syphoned water with hoses or carried it in watering cans to the beds.

Here's the summer stuff we started in early March.
We are excited about our strawberry bed. Last year they really spread out and were doing great. We did not put them in a fence so the dog has been walking right through them. We discovered a few flowers this week. Daniel cleaned out the bed a little and put a small fence on one side to keep Blue from trampling the young plants. Can't wait to see how these turn out. I love that strawberries are perennial.

We planted some sweet peas between potato beds and the fence. We lost some peas in that hard frost I wrote about before. These we started in early March and are coming up quickly.

This is our little herb garden. There is a big holly tree that shades this area for part of the day. We had these rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, lemon balm, and oregano in the front of the house and moved it here over the winter.
Happy gardening everyone. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather.


William Kruidenier said...

Great pictures and great garden! Looking forward to seeing it this summer -- should be overflowing. Nice work, all!

William Kruidenier said...

P.S. I like the full-size format of the enlargements -- makes it easier to see the details!