Thursday, November 02, 2006

And the winner is . . . Arianna

We were on one of our trips to Kroger and saw some colors and pages set out on a table. I stood there a few minutes while the girls colored and realized it was for a coloring contest. After the girls finished with their pages they didn't want to leave them. They didn't quite get the idea that it was a contest and what that meant. The manager and I talked them into leaving their coloring as long as we could bring another one to do at home. Anyway, a few days later, we got a call that Arianna had won! Keep in mind this contest was for all ages. Supposedly they "judged" them taking into consideration the age and what is appropriate for that stage. Arianna was so excited. I was even more proud of Ellen who didn't get jealous but was actually more excited that her sister won! The prizes were a $10 gift certificate to the store and a Disney t-shirt that fits like a sleep shirt. She was so cute with the money. She walked towards the produce section and said, "I think I'll have some apples and pears." Then we explained that there were probably some toys in the store that she could pick from. We then continued to wander the isles looking for just the right one. She ended up with some sparkly finger nail polish, a doll, and another thing she could share with ellen.

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stephen said...

yeaaaaa for arianna..... how cute.