Wednesday, November 08, 2006

K9 cops and Firetrucks

We had a field trip today to see K9 division of the Sheriff's department. They explained and demonstrated how they train and use the dogs. It was very informative. In fact, I think it was a little too informative for k-5th graders! It was amazing to see how well trained they were and how they performed through the agility course. That was the most excited part for the girls. I didn't take any pictures today but after being around the cops it reminded me of some cute pictures I took at the children's museum of the girls in the firetruck.
I'm really putting this up here for Claire and Drew. They are good friends of ours from Indy and Drew was absolutely infatuated with firetrucks. To this day, when we see one, the girls tell me they think Drew would really love to see that. I still remember seeing Claire one day on the road in Indy and I called her and asked her where she was going and she said they were following a firetruck. The children's museum (Edventure) has a great place for the kids to dress up like firefighters and climb on and drive a truck. One of the great things about homeschooling the girls is that we have the freedom to go to places like that in the off hours. That means we don't have to fight the crowds on holidays and weekends. We usually go in the afternoon and basically have the whole place to ourselves. The day I took these pictures was one of those days.

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