Wednesday, November 29, 2006

we're back!

We made it back from out thanksgiving trip. We were in Baton Rouge a few days and then we drove to Gulf Shores, Al. We had tons of adventures. I got to meet my step brother's wife Raegan. They've been maried for 7 years and it should not be as long before we see them again. I also met my other step brother's kids. I hadn't seen them in 8 years so I could hardly remember meeting their 10 year old, Triston. Madison is their 6 year old who played great with Ellen and Arianna. Then I saw Neal and Paige and Will and got to meet their baby Parker. It was a little too cold to play for a long amount of time on the beach for the first few days we were there. The wind was very strong. But we got in the water a few times anyway. Then when Daniel got there on Wednesday the weather started getting much nicer. We never had any rain and hardly any clouds which made for some great sunrises and sunsets. We built sand castles, dug holes and broke lots of shovels, jumped waves and found lots of great shells and a few creatures.

This is all the kids at Fort Morgan. This old fort is in great shape. We visited the museum and then the kids ran all around the grounds exploring all the dark, empty brick rooms and climbed on the cannons and brick walls.

The men are working hard building something!

Making fun of my mom's comment about us not going out to far in the Gulf because of the sharks. We're not afraid of sharks!

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Awesome pictures. The men look very serious about their business. Men...