Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The girls decided to wear their swim suits all day today (under their clothes) because they are so excited about the beach! Arianna came out of her room this evening and walked around the house with her goggles and the suitcase and I just had to get a picture. I told Daniel it was perfect for the blog:) Then I took a picture of sad daddy and the indian princess on the couch. Dad is sad because he has to stay here an extra week. But, he'll be happy when he's flying and not driving all the way to Gulf Shores! Ellen is the indian princess. We got the idea after watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Charlie Brown's Mayflower Voyage. The girls and I collected feathers from the backyard and made the head dresses and they walked around with their shirts off saying they were indian princesses. By the way, she is doing an awesome job reading. She is sounding out words and reading signs. She asked me the other day when we were in the car what ex-xonett meant. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about and then realized that she was reading the Exxon sign! very cute and i was very proud:)
I am very excited because we are leaving tomorrow morning to visit family that I've never seen. I'll write more about that later. Off to finish packing!!

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