Sunday, November 12, 2006

it worked

Okay. I can't believe I just got that video on here. They make it so easy:) We made that video after getting one from our friends Shael, Lily, Tom and Cole in Indy. The girls watched the video of Lily and Cole about 50 times and then we made one to send back to Lily. Then we exchanged one more round of video shows. Lily and the girls used to put on shows together when they played. They still talk about each other all the time. I'm hoping to make a trip back up to Indy if and when Daniel has to go to defend his thesis. Speaking of the thesis, he sent it off for the last time. . . we hope. So, if he goes to defend it then I'm going to try and go with him. I wish is wasn't such a long drive but I'll do it if I can hang out with shael and claire again.

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