Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fall Field Day

This was an event that was put together by the local homeschool group. There were tons of families with kids of all ages. Most of the games were divided into age groups 6 and under or 7 and up. This first picture is of a kick ball game. Notice the girls in the outfield playing together while the ball is being played in the infield!

This next one is of the egg relay. You can see all the ages and Arianna is by far the youngest player! Ellen and Arianna did awesome the whole day. We were out there playing games such as sack race, clothing relay, pie eating contest, 3 legged race.
They also had face painting by one of the high school girls and bubbles out for the kids to play with. I was impressed with this event that was put on by a bunch of moms. I'm sure I'll be more involved next year.

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