Wednesday, May 23, 2007


After their performance they were presented with flowers from daddy. It was a very special day. Grandaddy william and MiMi were here to celebrate with us. I can't put into words the feeling I had sitting in the audience watching our girls on that huge stage. With tears in my eyes I was so proud. I wish you could see their faces--they were so proud, too. They danced beautifully!!!


Anna morrison said...

Sniff, sniff. I know that it is extra sweet for you, as a dancer. Great job girls! Good job Mom!! Love the photos. I would love to see a clip if you taped some. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again to Mimi and Grandaddy William for making the trip. What a rewarding day and so much fun to share. I am not sure what made me prouder that the girls danced or that they were rightfully proud of themselves. Nothing like the sense of accomplishment on a child's face when well deserved.