Thursday, May 17, 2007

friends from Indy move to SC!

I have a handful of very close friends spread out between Indiana, North Carolina and now Virginia. I was so excited to find out my friend Shael and her family were moving to Greenville which is only about 90 miles away. I'll give you a little history of our friendship. We met after I'd been living in Indy for about 9 months. We were at the Old Navy store in the Mall that was right down the street from both of our houses. Her daughter, Lily, started playing with the girls and I can remember the girls being shy at first (as always) but soon didn't want to leave because they were having so much fun. Shael and I exchanged phone numbers (yes it was like we were going out on a date!) If you are a mother you know what I mean:)I've found that moving and trying to meet new people is like dating. You get to know someone and maybe exchange numbers and sometimes the relationship works out and sometimes it doesn't. Well this one did. I'm sure we both had no idea how close we would become. So, even though we only lived there and shared lives for a little over a year it seems like we've known each other forever! Now I'm just waiting for Claire, Lesley and Anna to move within 90 miles!

Since Daniel had the day off on Friday he stayed with us most of the day and spent a lot of quality time with Cole who is their 1 year old son.
The girls played, and played, and played. So Shael and I looked at houses and chatted over coffee.
I made a cake and we celebrated Lily's birthday while they were here. Since she couldn't have one with all her friends in Indy it worked out perfectly that we could all share her 5th birthday!
The reason for their visit to Columbia and move to Greenville was for Tom's job. He had been in charge of the Dinosphere-- a huge life size exhibit of prehistoric animals in the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. He got hired as the Director of Education at a new kid's museum they are building in downtown Greenville set to open in 2008. He was taking the girls for a ride on a dinosaur in this picture. Thanks for bringing the fam to SC!

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jmwl said...

Hey! We miss those guys too!

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know, in case you didn't already, that Trader Joe's is opening 2 new stores in Charlotte! Getting closer!

Take care :)