Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Seven years we have been married. We decided to celebrate by spending the day in Charleston. We played at the beach for a few hours then drove downtown for a long lunch and a stroll through some of Charleston’s historic sites. It was a beautiful day. The girls were pleasant and had a great time. Most importantly, I got to spend the day with my best friend, my husband. When you first get married you hope and dream about the future. Well, I could never have imagined how blessed/lucky I would feel 7 years later. I love you Daniel and I am so thankful for the family that we have together.


Anna morrison said...

Envy has taken over.
Happy Anniversary!
Love you!

Lesley said...

Happy anniversary! I am so happy to know your family and hope to see you all soon so that I can feel the love in person that is so aparent, even via the internet. What a happy day that was 7 years ago.

Daniel, you look great with the beard shaven!

jendanellenarianna said...

Thanks, don't get used to it.