Thursday, May 17, 2007

Racism and the Ns

Several weeks ago Jennifer and I got wind of a N rally taking place on the Capitol steps. I had attended a protest several years ago in Raleigh and decided it was worth the effort for us to protest this one as well. Good education for the girls as well. There are few things that sicken me more than racism especially of this blatant sort. My grandfather fought bravely in WW2 to prevent just this type of ideology from spreading and now the government protects their right to recruit and rally on the most hallowed of civic spaces where equality and justice are at least symbolically represented.
Here is the problem with racism: it misses its target completely. There simply is no scientifically verifiable "race" criteria. In other words, if one were to look at the genetic factors that map on to skin color one would find them completely irrelevant to ancestral ties. So that a "white" and "black" person might be genetically closer to one another than a "white" to "white" comparison. The point is that "color" marks NO significant indication of any other traits. YOU CAN'T USE IT TO MAP or CARVE groups. Doing so is akin to collecting people based on some other irrelevant factor like number of hairs on the back of the hand. What would this have to do with intelligence, ability, or anything else? There simply is no RACE. RACES do not exist.
Now, and quickly, for all those who are screaming out that there just are differences between "groups" that must be accounted for let me address your point. YES, people are different. Yes, nature has created people of quite a variety within the incredibly limited domain of the human species, but what is important is that color of skin bears no indication of that ability. Difference abounds. It abounds so much that the similarities between members of different "races" would make them more genetically homogeneous than marking the groups by color. Race does not exist. In order for their to be "races" there would need to be some mark, some "essential" property that members of that group all had. NONE EXISTS, PERIOD. SORRY.

So, we went to protest the rally. Fortunately this group was more like a circus than a well organized scary machine. Hitler would have been embarrassed. Unfortunately, I was at times embarrassed by the circus that I was surrounded by. My sign read "Support a hate free Columbia" while my fellow protesters chanted "N- should die!" It was rather sad.
But, my real point for posting this, besides sharing another glimpse of Kruidenier life, is to alert people to the continued existence and growth of terrorist groups within our borders. Yes, and lest you think this is a Southern problem, N- are based in Michigan and growing more rapidly in the North and Midwest. It is their outright and public ideology that Israel should be "nuked", that there should be a racially "pure" America, etc. They prey on poor "white" Americans in hopes of deceiving them into thinking they are fighting the good fight against the evil races destroying high Anglo-Saxon culture. It is a sad commentary on our culture that we so passively allow such groups to thrive.
The rally also generally sparks widespread "free-speech" debate. That is a whole-nother topic, but one I have been thinking about intensely. I think it is best though, to remember three things: First, the issue is speech not thought. Second, speech is an action, and like any other has consequences. Third, there is no such thing as completely free speech. In other words the question is not whether to have free-speech or not, but to create a criteria that fairly delimits the difference between censured and free expression. There is no getting off the see-saw.
OK, for those of you who made it, you'll be glad it will be some time before I post again.


Claire said...

Now I feel bad for wishing I had my old blueberry bushes in Portland. I suppose its good that new owner gets to eat them too...Just wanted to taste the fruits of my labor! (pun very intended)

great posts, keep 'em coming! claire

Claire said...

so i just read the racism post and I am floored. What on earth? A N rally? Never even heard of one. The swatika(sp?) on a flag ARE YOU KIDDING ME? As important as it is to rally against this, it's equally important to let the country know what really is happening in SC. I elect you, Daniel, to be a voice.